Event Recordings

Gifts Under Fifty Dollars

In this virtual event held on November 18 2021 a group of people give suggestions of holiday gifts around and under the fifty dollar amount.

Accessible Travel Tips

This virtual event was held on June 24, 2021. Chris and Kim discuss tips on accessible travel. They recorded this live and had great class participation.

accessible Event Planning

If you’ve ever wanted to plan an event from scratch, either virtually or in-person, with as little sighted assistance as possible, this class recording will help. conducted in May 2021, we begin by discussing practical tips for easy and efficient event planning, then talk about methods for getting everything organized and completed accessibly. We hope …

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Organizing Favorites Or Bookmarks

Some web browsers call them favorites, others bookmarks, but while the name my differ, the concept remains the same. A favorite or bookmark allows you to come back to and organize sites of interest. This event recording from April 2021 discusses ways to use bookmarks, low-tech ways to keep track of websites, bookmarking in Firefox, …

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Extend Your Browser With Browser Extensions

In this free virtual event for March 2021, Chris and Kim discuss browser extensions. What are they? Why might you want one? Using Edge they demonstrate how to search for an extension in the Google Web Store. They also configure an extension.